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Indiana factory syndicate claim Powerball lottery prize just in time
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A group of factory workers from Indiana in the USA have a claimed a Powerball prize they won in their syndicate, just days before it would have expired.The six employees, who all work together at Chassix factory in Bristol, northern Indiana, told lottery officials that they have been playing the Powerball lottery together for around five years. The syndicate leader, Jorge Dominguez, always buys the tickets from the same lottery retailer every week, the 7-Eleven convenience store on W. Vistual Street in Bristol. A syndicate of 18 colleagues from a Rolls-Royce car manufacturer’s in Indianapolis won a $1 million Powerball prize.The syndicate had no idea that one of their tickets from back in November had actually won them a huge $50,000 Powerball prize, until Mr Dominguez’s daughter read a news story about an expiring Powerball ticket which had been purchased from the very same 7-Eleven store where her father buys his tickets. She told him to go back and check his tickets, and it’s a good job that he’d hung onto all of the old slips. A factory syndicate from Sydney in Australia won $40 million on the country’s Powerball game with their first ever joint ticket.Mr Dominguez looked through his tickets and found the winning Powerball ticket from the drawing on November 1st, 2017. The ticket was due to expire today, April 30th, but fortunately for him it didn’t get that far. A Powerball winner from Minnesota claimed her $50,000 prize just one day before the deadline, while a Pennsylvania woman who won $50,000 on the Powerball in Maryland claimed her prize just a few days before it was too late.Once he’d got the ticket checked at the store, Mr Dominguez went into work to tell his colleagues that they’d won $50,000 on the Powerball, and he said that his supervisor didn’t believe him at first. However, once he saw the ticket and that it matched the winning Powerball numbers, the supervisor cried with excitement. A Lotto Max winner from Ontario in Canada admitted to “crying like a baby” after he discovered his $1 million win.The other winners in the group are Jose Cervantez, Esfir Kolesnitchenko, William Hart, Russell Forbes and Tong Saengtavnh. Each syndicate member will receive $8,333 of the Powerball prize, and they will all put it towards practical expenses as their employer is due to shut the factory down in a few months’ time.A win can happen anytime... don't miss any opportunity and purchase your tickets online at