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Iowa Lottery winner lost for words thanks to winning scratch off
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A lottery winner from Black Hawk County in Iowa, USA, has revealed that he was lost for words after winning $250,000 on a “$250,000 Riches” scratch off game.Eric Schaefer, from Washburn, collected his prize this Tuesday from lottery officials at Iowa Lottery headquarters, and he said that he was still unsure of how to react. A Sydney lottery player who won a share of $50 million on the Oz Lotto said he was lost for words when he found out about his fortune over the phone, while a New Zealand Powerball winner said he was speechless after winning $5.5 million last year.“I don’t even know how to feel right now, because we typically don’t run into that kind of money,” Mr Schaefer said when he claimed his scratch off prize, adding: “we’re usually not very fortunate.” A New York State scratch off winner admitted that he was “very lucky” after winning $5 million on the Set for Life game.The Iowa man claimed his prize just hours after his scratch off revealed his $250,000 top prize, the 13th of 18 available of that particular scratch off ticket. The lottery card was purchased from a Pronto store on La Porte Road in Washburn, and Mr Schaefer said that as he bought it, he joked with the store employee about how he hoped to win a scratch off game sometime.After buying his ticket, the scratch off lottery winner took it with him to work, where he scratched it in the car park of his workplace. A Virginia man won $50,000 on a lottery scratch off after buying it while on his break from work.“I said, ‘OK, I’m just going to do it fast like a Band-Aid,’” the lottery winner explained, continuing to say that when his fast scratching revealed $250,000, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “I just kind of broke down – I was pretty emotional.”Now that he has claimed his $250,000 Riches scratch off prize and the money is in the bank, Mr Schaefer told Iowa Lottery officials that he plans to use it to pay off his mortgage as well as some other bills, to enable him to become debt free. A Maryland Bonus Match 5 winner also planned to pay off her debts after winning $100,000.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at