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Irish charity founders win £1 million EuroMillions prize
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A couple from Co Down who founded a charity after the tragic loss of their son have won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery, saying their late son is looking down on them.Eithne and Calin Bell lost their son, Kevin when he was knocked down by a car in New York in 2013, aged just 26. Since then, the couple have founded the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, helping families to bring home the bodies of loved ones who died tragically while abroad. Many lottery winners found charities after their big wins, including a Powerball winning family from New Jersey.Mr Bell, a former teacher, possibly of a Co Down schoolboy who won £400,000 on the UK Lotto when he was just 16 years old, told lottery officials that he was settling in for a quiet night in front of the television with his wife when he suddenly realised that they might have just become millionaires. “I told Eithne I thought we had just won £1 million and she laughed, thinking I was joking,” Mr Bell said of his wife’s reaction. “But when I repeated it and she saw the look on my face, she soon realised that I was being serious,” he told lottery officials. A couple from Lincolnshire in Englandwho won £53 million on the EuroMillions said that the wife thought it was an April Fool’s joke.The EuroMillions winners said that most of their EuroMillions winnings will go on their six other children, but they are going to treat themselves as well. A New Zealand Powerball winning couple also planned to spend a lot of their winnings on their children. “I’m going to get myself a couple of premium level tickets for Croke Park,” Mr Bell told lottery officials, adding that he’s going to buy his wife, a retired nursery school worker, a new car. “And she tells me that she would like a new sunroom and a landscaped garden!”Of their son, Kevin, the couple said that they feel he is looking down on them. “Knowing Kevin, he’s probably up there saying ‘I knew I could do something for you.’,” Mrs Bell said, adding that she’s sure he is still looking after the whole family. A lottery winner from California thanked his late wife for his $750,000 scratch card win, saying he thought the win was a sign from her.For your chance to win, play now at!