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Irish Lotto player wins €50,000 on scratch card 11 years after her first win
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Eleven years after winning €50,000 on the Winning Streak TV Gameshow, a lottery player from Kilkenny in Ireland has won the same amount again on the National Lottery.Susan Grace, from Thomastown in Co Kilkenny, Ireland, recently won her €50,000 on a National Lottery scratch card, and as she collected her cheque from Irish Lotto officials she remarked that this windfall had come years after her last stroke of good financial luck. AnIrishman recently won €250,000 on the Irish Lotto Plus 2 game which his mother won ten years previously.The National Lottery winner won her €50,000 thanks to a Bingo Times 10 scratch card which came from a store in her hometown.“I feel like the luckiest woman in Ireland,” said Ms Grace, adding: “I don’t play scratch cards all that often, so I guess I am just very lucky.” The National Lottery winner revealed that in actual fact, she had her mother to thank for the winnings scratch card which came from Dunphy’s Centra Store. A syndicate from Kilkenny also recently won big when they claimed a €453,000 prize from the Irish Lotto.“My mother bought me the Bingo Times 10 scratch card last week as a treat and I think she feared the worst as I started screaming the house down when I realised I’d won the €50,000 top prize!” the 40-year-old said that after appearing on the Winning Streak gameshow in 2007, winning another National Lottery prize was “like a dream.” A woman from Cork recently ensured that she won the irish Lotto jackpot after doubling her entries for a specific draw.“€50,000 is an incredible amount of money, and to win this amount a second time is like a dream,” she said, adding that in 2007 her Winning Streak prize money was life-changing for the whole family. “It gave us the freedom to make a lot of improvements in our lives.” A Cork man who won €500,000 on the EuroMillions Plus lottery also described his win as life-changing.Ms Grace now plans to use her winnings to share with everybody in the family and renovate her parent’s home by buying them a new kitchen. A Lotto Max winner from British Columbia, Canada, was planning to get a new kitchen after their big lottery win.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at