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Newest Irish Millionaire Keeps News of Lotto Win to Himself
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Newest Irish Millionaire Keeps News of Lotto Win to Himself

A man from Cork, Ireland is delighted that he won €1m in the October 24 Lotto Plus draw. However, it was weeks before he found out and then didn’t tell anyone he was the newest Irish millionaire. The lucky player has asked to remain anonymous and avoid the spotlight.

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He didn’t check the results of the draw though and for weeks the €1m prize remained unclaimed. The unwitting Cork resident went about his normal business instead. He didn’t even know there had been a big local win until a friend told him.

Not a Clue

“I hadn’t a clue that I had the winning ticket until last week,” said the unknowing millionaire. Even then he admits that “it just didn’t register that it could be me.” He received perhaps the most pleasant surprise of his life when he finally decided to check his Lotto Plus ticket."It was a huge shock to the system to realise I had just become a millionaire,” exclaimed the Lotto Plus winner. Now the usual scenario is that once you become a lottery millionaire, you start spreading the news but not this big winner. In fact, he hasn’t told a soul.When accepting his cheque at Lottery HQ in Dublin, it became clear the newest Irish millionaire was still in shock. “To be honest, I haven’t fully comprehended how this win will change my life,” the lottery winner admitted.

Big Surprises on their Way

The lottery winner admits he’s close to his family but hasn't told a single one of them yet. They soon will though, and the delighted player says he’s looking forward to telling them “when it has finally sunk in.”When that great revelation about his becoming a millionaire does happen, there’ll be plenty of celebrating. The lottery winner admits he’ll have “a few nice surprises up my sleeve” for a great Christmas that now lies ahead for him and his family.

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