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Irish woman wins second €50,000 National Lottery scratch card prize in six months
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A woman from Wexford in Ireland has collected her second €50,000 lottery scratch card win in less than six months, with both tickets purchased in the same shop!The lucky winner bought both of her winning scratch cards from the Kiosk store in the Abbey Centre which is in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland. Lottery officials revealed that her first win was in April this year when she won €50,000 on an All Cash Platinum scratch card. Recently a lottery player from Kilkenny in Ireland won €50.000 on a Lotto scratch card 11 years after winning big on a TV gameshow, while another Wexford resident recently won €200,000 on a National Lottery scratch card at the perfect time for her family.With her first win, she told lottery officials that she bought a few things for the house, but that she still had the majority of it left over, so to win again was an added luxury. “It’s amazing. I really can’t believe it,” the lucky scratch card winner said, adding that thanks to her second big scratch card win she’ll be able to share some of her winnings out amongst the rest of the family. A man from Winnipeg in western Canada became a millionaire after winningtwice on two different scratch cards.“I was in the Kiosk and just thought I’d buy a Platinum to try my luck again and I can’t believe it was another winner,” the Irish woman said, revealing that her second win was on the very same scratch card where she first found her good fortune. “My husband is claiming he has lucky hands as he scratched both cards,” the winner added. A UK Lotto winner from Sheffield in England said that she is certain she’ll win again after taking home £5.4 million 22 years ago.However, the scratch card winner said that she’s not accepted her husband’s hands’ part in their success, as it was her who walked into the shop to buy both tickets. “I told him that it’s my feet that are lucky as I was the one who walked to the shop to buy the cards when I was out,” she told lottery officials in Dublin as she claimed her second €50,000 prize. Recently a man from Sydney in Australia was declared the country’s luckiest man after winning a Lotto jackpot twice in the space of a week.Trust your luck and play online with us at