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Is £120,000 Set for Life Win a Gift from Heaven?
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Is £120,000 Set for Life Win a Gift from Heaven?

After a tough year, Steven Dunbar from Grangemouth in Scotland was hoping for better luck. That’s certainly happened now after he won £120,000 (£10,000 a month for a year) in the November 28 Set for Life draw. Could his win have been “a gift from heaven”?

The delighted winner shared the moment he discovered his Set for Life success  “I ran straight through to the bedroom to get my partner, Rebecca, out of bed. She's not usually a morning person, but I've never seen her move that fast! “

Next to be told the excellent news of the Set for Life win was Steven’s mother. “Everyone has been so happy for us,” he said. “It really has bought a bit of hope and joy to everyone around us,” he added.

Difficult year

This Set for Life win has come after a difficult 2022 for Steven. Two family members and a close friend have passed away this year. A low-key Christmas celebration had been planned due to those bereavements. Steven admits that he’d been continually thinking ‘give us a break’ but never imagined he’d win the runners-up prize in the Set for Life draw.

He can’t help but to think of those he has lost this year. “They must be looking over us. It’s been a gift from heaven.” Now this win is a huge lift for his family and he wants to let others know that a big lottery win “really can happen to hard-working people like us.”

Enjoy the win

They had thought of using it to pay off their mortgage but then reckoned they’d be doing that anyway. Therefore they want to enjoy their win and “do things we might not have been able to in the past. Life is too short.” 

A family trip to Walt Disney World is planned plus visiting New York. Steven is also planning a loft conversion to create his own ‘man cave.’  When that’s completed he plans on putting their big lottery cheque on the wall as a shrine to the National Lottery.

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