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I’ve Gone Fishing says $55m Lotto Max Jackpot Winner
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I’ve Gone Fishing says $55m Lotto Max Jackpot Winner

Laura Tutcho from Délı̨nę in the Northwest Territories in Canada had a simple question to ask when contacting the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. She simply asked them, ‘What do you do if you won?’The freelance interpreter could have just told them the fact she was the winner of the $55m Lotto Max jackpot in the draw held on May 1. Her simple question received the reply “If you did, it’d be better if you left town and don’t tell anybody that you won big.”

Are you OK Grandma?

Laura spent nearly $100 on the draw and won her fortune with a Quick Pick ticket purchased in Yellowknife. She was spending some time with her granddaughters and one of them had told her a ticket sold in Yellowknife had won the Lotto Max jackpot. Tutcho quickly checked her ticket and discovered she was the jackpot winner. She kept shouting ‘Oh my God’ and her granddaughters rushed into the room fearful something was wrong.Later, Laura began to wonder what she’d do next. Over the next seven days she continually checked her winning Lotto Max numbers. One of her granddaughters eventually told her ““Grandma, that number hasn’t changed.”

An Exhausting Process

Finally, Tutcho made that call and told them she was the jackpot winner. Then she travelled to Calgary to get help dealing with her Lotto Max win before the announcement of her win was made nearly a month later. Canadian lottery winners can’t have anonymity to show the integrity of the games. That’s unlike the recent winner of the $411m Mega Millions jackpot whose identity may never be revealed.The help included plenty of legal and financial advice that she found extremely tiring. "It's like a job,” the winner commented. "It was just too much. I was just exhausted.”Meanwhile, her family thought Laura was on a fishing trip. When she told them the truth, they initially thought she was joking. The Lotto Max winner said her priority is to use the cash to help her family. However, she would like to go on a real fishing trip this time, probably with her brother-in-law.Get a chance of becoming next big winner and purchase your tickets online at