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Language is no barrier for California Crossword scratch card winner
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Despite his limited level of the English language, a man from California proved that it wouldn’t be a barrier between him and a crossword scratch card prize.Bao Dinh Lam told California Lottery officials that his English skills are a work in progress, but that he didn’t let that stand in his way when he played a California Lottery Mystery Crossword scratch card which required some command of the English language. However, Mr Lam said that he didn’t need anyone’s help to figure out his success when he uncovered all 10 words required on the scratch card to win the game’s top prize of $750,000. Another Californian won $750,000 on a crossword scratch card and planned to buy a new house and a car.“I just went and bought the ticket during my work break,” the lottery player explained, just like a restaurant worker from Virginia who won a scratch off lottery prize while on his lunch break, adding that when he took it back to work he scratched it off there and asked his sister to help translate the words for him. When he realised he’d won $750,000, he was alone at his desk, but he told California Lottery officials that he wanted to be alone. A woman from Iowa who won $50,000 on the Powerball left her winning ticket on her desk at work for five months.The winning ticket was purchased at Castle Liquor in Sacramento, and the scratch card winner took the ticket back to the same store to get it checked, despite the fact that he was almost 100% certain that he’d won the top prize. Scanning the ticket into the machine, the screen flashed up with the message “File Claim Form,” which means you’ve won something substantial.Mr Lam’s sister, Ngoc, told lottery officials that when her brother told her he’d won, she thought he was joking. “I couldn’t believe he won $750,000,” she said. “He feels very happy inside that he has won, but he isn’t displaying a lot of excitement because he doesn’t want a lot of people to know.” A Maryland woman didn’t tell anyone when she won $100,000 on the Bonus Match 5 lottery.The scratch card winner plans to use his winnings to pay off the mortgage on the house that he owns with his sister. A group of Irish Lotto winners were looking forward to paying off their mortgages after sharing €10.65 million.Try your hand at the lottery game and play online with us at