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London woman finds a EuroMillions surprise in her wallet
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Imagine buying a lottery ticket and forgetting all about it, only to come across it again three months later and discover that you have won a whopping £1,000,000 on the EuroMillions millionaire raffle!Jane O’Brien, a Transport for London operator from Ruislip, left the winning lottery ticket in her wallet, unchecked, for over three months before making the discovery that she had won. By chance, Jane decided to have a clear out of her handbag one Sunday evening and found the lottery ticket. However, feeling tired, she went to bed without checking it and decided to check it the next morning.Over her morning bowl of cornflakes, Jane checked her EuroMillions ticket from 10th May 2013 only to discover that the Millionaire Raffle numbers matched with the draw which was held more than three months earlier. Suddenly realising that she was becoming a millionaire, Jane rang Camelot to confirm her win before phoning her boss to ask for the day off from work in order to celebrate her lottery win with the rest of her family.Expressing how shell-shocked she was to make the lotto discovery over her breakfast, Jane describes the feeling as ‘surreal’, and she says that her boss was almost as speechless as she was!With the lottery money safely in the bank, Jane is hoping to put into place her “when I win the lottery” plans, and will soon buy a new house and take her entire family on a luxury holiday. Despite embracing the excitement of finding herself an overnight lotto millionaire, Jane has no plans to give up work, and is determined to keep her feet on the ground. Describing herself as ‘lucky’, she says it is a great feeling knowing that if for any reason she needed to give up work she has financial security and a nice home. What a humble winner!Give it a try and purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at You might be the next one putting into place your “when I win the lottery” plans.