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Longford pet food manufacturers scoop a big win on the EuroMillions plus lotto
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A group of 38 staff members as a County Longford pet food manufacturers in Ireland have manufactured a little something extra this week, as their syndicate won the EuroMillions Plus jackpot.The syndicate, who all work a C & D Foods pet food manufacturers, won the €500,000 prize in last Tuesday’ EuroMillions Plus draw, and will take home just over €13,000 each after the winnings have been divided up between them. The group admitted that they didn’t purchase their ticket until a few hours before the draw, and National Lottery officials confirmed that the winning ticket was purchased with little time to spare. The group claimed their prize straight away, unlike another Irish EuroMillions Plus winner who forgot all about her ticket and claimed the prize after she found it in her pantry.In fact, thanks to the ticket being purchased later on in the day, new staff member Lillian Kazlauskyene was able to take part in the syndicate lottery group for the first time, on her first day of work. Joking that she started off her career at the pet foods company very well, the General Manager, who is also part of the syndicate, said “She got €13,000 for her first day’s work!”The group matched winning numbers 9, 12, 24, 34 and 44 as they won their half a million euro prize, and one of the lottery syndicate members, Helen Whelan, talked of the moment she realised they had won the EuroMillions Plus jackpot. “I found out on Tuesday night around 9pm,” she told the local Irish press as the group collected their EuroMillions Plus prize, “a friend of mine rang me after she checked the numbers, I double checked them and I rang one of the guys in the office and he checked them.”“We knew then that we had won,” said Ms Whelan, as she also revealed that this was only the second time the syndicate group has purchased a EuroMillions ticket. “We do it when the money gets big, we’re a bit greedy!”According to manager Mr Gerrard, the mood in the workplace now is constantly one of excitement as there seems to be a constant party going on. Another staff member agreed with her manager as she said “There’s no work being done at all. The atmosphere upstairs is electric.”If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at