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Lorry driver driven to quitting after £1 million EuroMillions win
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A truck driver from Watford has quit his job after winning £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery, and wasted no time about it either.Simon Beach, who won his prize thanks to his ticket for last Friday’s EuroMillions draw, quit his job on the very same day that he found out he was a winner, just like a couple from Scotland did last year after they won £7.864 million on the UK Lotto, and he told lottery officials that he is looking forward to spending more time on the golf course. The 49 year old long time lottery fan won his prize on the last Friday of February, which meant that his £1 million Millionaire Maker prize was not only inclusive of cash, but also a South African Safari. Another keen golfer was John Kingsman who won £151,544.50 on the EuroMillions lottery and said that he would be investing most of his winnings in his golf game.“I was making myself a cup of coffee on Saturday morning when I discovered I’d won the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle,” Mr Beach told lottery officials, continuing to say that he wasn’t particularly surprised because he has always had a feeling he was going to win. “I’ve been expecting this win for 21 years, right since the first lottery draw took place,” he said as he beamed with his £1 million cheque, explaining that he said that very same thing to Camelot when he called them to verify his claim.Mr Beach, who works not only as an HGV driver but also as a live-in carer for both of his elderly parents, said that he quit his job because he was struggling to manage the two responsibilities. “The last few years have been really tough trying to keep the home together, bring in an income and keep on top of mum and dad’s care while working long hours and being away from home,” he said as he celebrated his win at Vicarage Road, Watford FC’s stadium. But perhaps he won’t be investing his winning in the team, unlike Lee and Sue Mullen who invested a large chunk of their EuroMillions winnings in Grimsby FC after winning in 2011, and how the UK’s largest ever winners donated some of their £161 million EuroMillions fortune to their local club’s training academy.Adding that things should start to become a little easier now that he has some cash behind him, the lottery winner also insisted that he will be attending more games now that he has the time and money. “Knowing that I can pay for the right care for my parents and that I don’t have to worry about work anymore, I intend to spend plenty of time cheering them on, when I’m not golfing that is.”You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your lottery tickets now at