Lost Keys Lead to £250,000 Scratchcard Win

Lost Keys Lead to £250,000 Scratchcard Win

Lost Keys Lead to £250,000 Scratchcard Win

Losing your keys can be a nightmare situation. For a couple from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England, it led to a couple winning a £250,000 National Lottery scratchcard prize.

Michelle Newton and her husband John Simpson won their prize at the end of 2023. Now that’s certainly the best way to end a year.

It was time for the couple to head down to the shops to look for some bargains. However, their planned trip hit a snag when their house keys went missing.

Change left

The keys were eventually found but they were way behind schedule. On their way back from shopping a little bit later than expected they went to a newsagent. After making a few more purchases, there was some change remaining. The decision was made to buy a scratchard with their remaining money.

That was scratched outside the shop and as Michelle, 50, recalled: “We just stopped dead in our tracks,” as they discovered their £250,000  scratchcard win. Then they realised that but for their keys being lost, they’d never have been at the newsagent at that time to buy their winning scratchcard.


Her husband John, 61, added that his wife “felt light-headed” as the shock set in. Rather than going home (well they did have their keys now), they went to a local pub for a pint. After that they called the National Lottery to claim their winnings. They then hid their winning scratchcard in the lining of John’s coat.

Michelle says that “life financially is definitely going to be more comfortable.” Another certain fact she joked is that “we are never going to moan about losing our keys again.”

Other plans for their winnings include paying off their mortgage and some house renovations. They are also considering a trip to Australia, perhaps they’ll meet a recent  Postcode Lottery winner who’s also heading down under.

The couple both work at the local Beechwood School. Michelle teaches religious studies and science, while her husband is the school caretaker. There are no plans for retirement though

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