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Australian lottery winner jokes she’s won big but turns out she actually did
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Australian lottery winner jokes she’s won big but turns out she actually did

An Australian lottery winner jokes that she’s won the lottery, and then found out that she actually has a $1.3 million jackpot waiting for her.The lottery winner, from Kwinana in Western Australia, said that she heard there had been a local Oz Lotto winner. “I heard someone in Kwinana had won, so went around telling everyone it was me,” she said.

Lottery winner jokes about her success

Little did the joker know that it wasn’t a joke at all. She said that she did check her ticket but managed to miss the line which contained the winning Oz Lotto numbers.The Western Australian’s son was the one to point out that her ticket was actually a winner. “I guess the joke was on me in the end,” she said.

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Now that the lottery winner’s joke is no longer a joke, she has plans for her winnings. She hopes to be able to clear her debts and look after her children and grandchildren.

A couple of playful lottery winners

The Oz Lotto winner’s partner has some ideas of his own. “Perhaps a Harley for every day of the week would be nice,” he suggested.The winning ticket was purchased from the Kwinana Hub Lottery Centre and News. The lucky numbers for the Oz Lotto draw were: 8-45-6-2-39-36 with supplementary numbers 5 and 13.

Western Australia has plenty of Oz Lotto winners.

The owner of the lottery retailer said that their store has sold 13 winning Division One tickets. So far in 2019, Western Australian ticket holders have been some of the luckiest and have won a Division One prize every Saturday this year.

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