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Lottery winner plans to give away £26 million EuroMillions winnings
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A lottery winner from Northern Ireland has revealed that she plans to give away a whopping £26 million of her fortune, and insists that she will keep just £1 million for herself.Margaret Loughrey won her £27 million on the EuroMillions lottery last December, and has already given away more than half of her fortune, but she’s not stopping there. Vowing after she first won that she would donate most of her winnings, Ms Loughrey says she will not stop giving until she’s donated £26 million, keeping just £1 million for herself.Before receiving the lottery win, Ms Loughrey was living on benefits of £58 per week, and she bought her winning ticket on her way home from an appointment at the Job Centre. It is Ms Loughrey’s experience as one of the needy that lead to her decision to help people in need now that she is in a better situation.Telling the national media about her plans, Ms Loughrey said “I know what it’s like to have nothing. That’s why I’m giving it away,” and continued to explain that she can’t miss what she never had. Most of her kindness so far has been aimed towards her hometown of Strabane, and she’s already set up and made herself the director of nine new companies since May 2014.The lottery winner has paid £1 million for the Herdman’s Hill in Sion Mills to be transformed into a leisure and tourism site, and has vowed to do as much as she can to help create more job openings. “I spent half of my adult life unemployed and the other half on the minimum wage so I know only too well how hard things can be,” she said.Her outlook is that the people in her hometown need to be given the chance to make something of themselves, and the lottery millionaire said that she knows that everybody in the town is talented, whether they know it or not. Ms Loughrey wants to change the lack of opportunities in the town to help residents achieve their right to work for a living.To give yourself a chance of winning big on the EuroMillions, purchase your tickets online at