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Lottery Winners Donate Pooch Palace to Dogs Home
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Lottery Winners Donate Pooch Palace to Dogs Home

It was in 2008 that Susan and Michael Crossland from Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England, scooped a £1.2 million lottery win. Since their UK Lotto windfall, their lives have changed, and they have helped many other people and dogs too.

We all have different ways of choosing our lottery numbers. For Susan, she used her late father’s numbers. Amazingly, their win came on the anniversary of her father’s death. No wonder she believes their win was “heaven sent.”

It was on a Saturday night that they became lottery millionaires. The couple were having a quiet night in watching television. It wasn’t until the following day that they realised they had won £1.2 million on the UK Lotto.

An Important House

Now 56, Mrs Crossland has spoken recently about how the lottery win has changed their lives, and others, including a few dogs. Susan paid for a purpose-built house for her family to live in. That’s needed as her two brothers and two sisters require full-time care.Her father was a regular lottery player and always thought he’d get a big win one day. It was his children who got that win using his numbers. Susan says that she often feels he is “looking down on us.” She added: “I hope he thinks we are doing a good job of spending our win on the whole family.”

The Pooch Palace

It’s not just humans that the couple have helped. They also donated a £5,000 pet palace, based on the design of Windsor Castle to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. They had already built the pooch palace for their own pet dog, named Archie to celebrate Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle but decided others should enjoy it too.

Other charitable deeds by the couple include Susan knitting hand muffs for vulnerable and elderly people. They also became Santa’s Helpers one year and thrown parties for local charities.

Having a happy family means most to her. They all live in the same house and her view is that “It’s all about being together, being together, being happy and making memories.”

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