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Lotto Max Syndicate wins $60m and Instantly Quit Their Jobs
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Lotto Max Syndicate wins $60m and Instantly Quit Their Jobs

A group of nine co-workers from Ontario, Canada received the perfect Christmas present on December 21, 2018. They won the $60m jackpot as part of a Lotto Max Syndicate and all immediately quit their jobs.The Lotto Max syndicate winners all worked on the assembly floor at a auto parts manufacturer in Guelph, just north of Toronto. Well, they used to until their ticket successfully matched 07-21-23-25-31-34-45 to win the $60m jackpot. Each of the lucky winners will receive around $6.6m, so it’s no wonder they instantly stopped working.

First Time Lucky

The ages of the winning syndicate members range from 21 to 57 and they’d only started playing the Lotto Max draw two months before their jackpot win. They hadn’t been playing every week though, just three or four times. For Mussie Kelete and Ella Nicole Cabrera, they became millionaires in their first draw since joining the syndicate.It was Fernando Meneses who discovered they’d won the jackpot. She called a syndicate meeting on December 23 to tell everyone the fantastic news of their windfall.Each of the members paid $5 into the pot but for one, they nearly missed out. A relieved Mercedes Granadino told how she nearly didn’t pay her $5 “but I had this sixth sense, like some spirit sitting on my shoulder telling me to play.”

Disneyland Here We Come

The lucky Lotto Max players have plenty of ideas on how to spend their winnings. As well as deciding to quit working, they want to buy new cars and homes. A family trip to Disneyland is already on the shopping list for some.The decision may have been made to quit their jobs, but Tariku Birru now wants to open an Ethiopian restaurant. Sampath Pathiraja Mudiyansel, plans to buy a coconut plantation in his home country of Sri Lanka.It’s going to be a more relaxing time for Bassam Abdi who told reporters: “I’ve been in Canada for less than a year and so far, I’ve only known work.” Now Bassam will use the Lotto Max windfall to explore the Great White North.

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