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€1m Winning Lotto Ticket Almost left in the Recycling
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€1m Winning Lotto Ticket Almost left in the Recycling

Recycling is a good idea but for a family from West Cork, Ireland, it nearly cost them €1m as they nearly threw out their winning Lotto ticket.

Quick Tidy Up

The lucky couple, who have asked to remain anonymous, had friends make an unexpected visit. That led to a quick clean of the kitchen and their ticket ended up in a pile placed in a basin in the porch. The relieved wife told reporters: “Among that pile was the winning Lotto ticket – we’re absolutely blessed that we didn’t lose it.”The couple heard that a €1m winning ticket had been purchased locally. However, they never dreamt that their ticket purchased was the winner.

An Unexpected Discovery

A month went by and the couple received a letter asking them to pay their phone bill. That had also been thrown into the basin along with other paper destined for the recycling. The search for the phone bill revealed more than expected. “When I was sifting through all of the bits of paper, I came across this Lotto ticket and I put it aside for checking,” said the relieved winner.

They’d Love a Christmas Hamper

Later she was with her husband in the kitchen and the ticket was scanned. A message came up telling them to call the National Lottery. At first, they thought their win was a Christmas hamper and they were “genuinely over the moon” about that.After getting the phone bill paid, the call to the National Lottery was made and she was shocked to learn they’d won €1m. At first the wife began shaking, then screaming and shouting before her husband came to share in the unexpected joy.The Lotto Plus One winners have decided to put their winnings in the bank until Christmas. Then they’ll decide how to spend their windfall from the ticket that nearly ended up in a recycling.

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