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Lucky for Life couple are stunned by their good fortune
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Lucky for Life couple are stunned by their good fortune

A Washington State couple is Lucky for Life. The couple won the top prize on a scratch-off lottery ticket. They will receive $52,000 per year for the rest of their life.The couple, from Edmonds, Washington in the Pacific North West, won on the ‘Lucky for Life’ lottery ticket. They have previously played the lottery but never won anything this big. They'll now receive $52,000 per year for life.

Stunned and shocked

The husband told lottery officials that they both had trouble believing their good fortune. “I gave the ticket to my wife to scratch because she likes to scratch them off for me,” he explained.He continued to say that she was stunned when she revealed the prize. “Will you read this, am I reading this right?” she asked her husband.The pair were both dumbfounded by the Lucky for Life ticket. They decided to go back to the store where the husband had bought the ticket. It was there that they learned they'd won $52,000 per year or $1,000 a week.

Regular players but a first-time winner

The lottery winner is a regular lottery player. However, this is the first time he's won a significant amount, as previously he's only seen smaller wins.The Lucky For Life pair plan to use their winnings to take a trip. They hope to travel to the Carolinas to help some friends celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.The winnings ticket was purchased from a QFC store on 100th Ave West in Edmonds. The couple learned they were winners in the very same store.

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