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Lucky mistake leads to £1m EuroMillions win
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Stuart Powell from Featherstone in Staffordshire, England, has won a £1m EuroMillions prize in the November 24 draw after the shop that sold him his winning ticket got the dates mixed up.The 50-year-old lorry driver purchased his EuroMillions ticket from the Co-op in Lichfield, but the shop assistant sold him a ticket for the November 24 draw, not for the November 20 that he wanted. It proved to be a lucky mistake. Earlier this year a woman in Washington, USA, won $4.5m after accidentally buying a Washington Lotto ticket. Six co-workers in Pennsylvania, USA won a $1.4m Match 6 jackpot despite asking for Powerball tickets.The father of three was working nights when he made his usual call to his wife, Denise, before she went to bed. His wife checked the EuroMillions ticket and discovered they’d won £1m. The winner called his three sons but Adam, 25, didn’t believe him and went back to bed. Later that morning he called his father and wasn’t sure if that phone call had been a dream or not. It was no dream though.The couple didn’t claim their EuroMillions prize until after returning from a holiday in Lanzarote. They hid the winning ticket in a safe while they were away. It’s the second big win for the lorry driver having won a £55,464 UK Lotto prize on his birthday four years ago. He’s really lucky, like Judy Marsh from Virginia, USA, who had two big Mega Millions wins.His previous winnings were given to his family and he’s going to do that again. He’s going to buy cars for his wife and father and plans on buying his three children a house each. £1.07m EuroMillions winners Trevor and Pat Boyce also plan to help their children buy new houses. The lucky winner does fancy buying himself a new nail gun.Just like $1m Powerball winner Roger Sherman from Pennsylvania, USA, the lorry driver has no intention of quitting his job. He says on Christmas Day his win might sink in. “To think I have won’s just unbelievable…the stuff of dreams.”Be ready to become the next winner and purchase your lottery tickets online at