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Maldives Here We Come Say People’s Postcode Lottery Winners
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Maldives Here We Come Say People’s Postcode Lottery Winners

Buying more than one ticket in the People’s Postcode Lottery can pay dividends. Hannah, from Victoria Wharf in Cardiff, Wales, bought three tickets and they won her £930,000.

Her windfall came in the October Postcode Millions draw. 115 players shared a total of £3.1 million as they matched the winning postcode of CF11 0SD. That was great news for care home manager Hannah and it’s no wonder the winner thinks she’s “in a dream right now.”

Admitting to feeling overwhelmed by her People’s Postcode Lottery win, Hannah says that she and her husband will now buy a new and larger home. Husband Matt who works as a chef says that he is “astonished” by their big win. He added that “it will let us do so many things and make so many memories.”

Holidays Galore

Those memories will come when they go on a series of holidays. The couple want to go skiing in Canada and then they’ll be off to the Maldives. Matt also fancies visiting New York. His dream is to have an American thanksgiving experience.

Hannah and Matt have been married for over 20 years. It’s not been a good year for them with both losing a parent during 2021. Hannah will use some of her People’s Postcode Lottery win to buy a headstone for her mother who died of pancreatic cancer. Also planned is to donate to a charity which helps those with that illness.

Also off to the Maldives is her friend Karen. She works with Hannah and says a trip there has “been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember.”

Friday afternoon surprise

Rhianon is also celebrating a big People’s Postcode Lottery win. The Cardiff Rugby operations manager won a total of £310,000. It was a Friday afternoon when out with her husband Gareth when news of her win was discovered.

The couple were married four months ago and last year, Rhianon has a baby during lockdown. A honeymoon to “somewhere special” is now planned. Could it be the Maldives for them too?

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