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Manchester factory syndicate celebrate EuroMillions win
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A syndicate of factory workers from Manchester in England are celebrating after winning a huge £60,000 prize on the EuroMillions lottery.The 18 strong group of colleagues and friends all work from insulation company Web Dynamics in Bolton, and have been playing the same numbers for the last eight years, and have periodically won the odd £20, but never a win of any substantial size. This week they finally achieved what they had been waiting for after their numbers won a third tier prize worth £60,000 for matching the first five numbers on Tuesday, January 6th.Syndicate leader, Bill Clarke, 65, said that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked his lottery ticket and saw that the EuroMillions numbers matched those that the group had chosen. “You just never think it will happen to you and I couldn’t get to work to tell the others,” said Mr Clarke as he spoke to EuroMillions lottery officials.Mr Clarke told his friends in the factory canteen as they all came in, and he says that initially the co-workers didn’t believe him. “Eventually they believed me and we were all just so excited,” the syndicate leader told lottery officials, continuing to say that the group couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement.The thrill of winning the EuroMillions, according to Mr Clarke, is even better when you win with a group of your friends and are able to celebrate together. All of the winners are from Bolton and the syndicate includes wide range of members aged between 21 and 65.The winners all have varying plans for their EuroMillions winnings, as each player will receive £3,340, and some of them have already booked holidays with their new fortunes. The group, many of whom have been colleagues for more than 13 years, have no plans to stop playing the lottery despite their win.The winning numbers for the Web Dynamics syndicate on Tuesday, January 6th were 14, 20, 30, 38 and 49.In the next EuroMillions draw, which will take place on Tuesday January 13th, the estimated jackpot will be £11m. Don’t miss this opportunity and purchase your tickets online now at