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Maryland Keno win is all thanks to children’s birthdays
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When a mother from Maryland, USA, won $10,000 on the Keno lottery, she said it was all down to her children’s birthdays, one of which she was out celebrating at the time of the win.The 53-year-old lottery player from Harford County in Maryland was out celebrating her oldest daughter’s birthday with family members last weekend, when she decided to try her hand at Keno. The winner explained that together with her two daughters, she had plans to play at their local casino, but in the end settled on playing Keno because her oldest daughter had left her ID card at home. A grandfather from Sydney was out for a celebratory meal for his grandson when he won $1.4 million on the Keno.“I thought, I haven’t played Keno in years,” the Maryland winner said. “And because we were pressed for time, we had to think quickly of where to go.”The group ended up at Jumbo Jimmy’s Crab Shack in Port Deposit, Maryland, and each played a few quick games of the Keno lottery. The mother won $10 from her first five random games, and then decided to play again, using some lucky numbers to help her along the way, “I figured I might as well play all my kids’ birthdays,” the Keno winner explained. “I played $6 on a 6-spot ticket with the Super Bonus.” Another Maryland woman recently won big on the Powerball lottery all thanks to her choice of family birthdays, while a couple from Nova Scotia in Canada won $1.7 million on the Lotto 649 when they chose their grandchildren’s birthdays on their ticket.The family then sat back and watched, shocked, as one by one all of her chosen Keno numbers appeared. Then they had to figure out how much she’d won, thinking that the prize was much lower until scanning the ticket and seeing that it was actually worth $10,000. She was then able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday in style, just like a Maryland Bonus Match 5 winner who was set to celebrate his 70th birthday in style after winning $50,000.The Keno winner said that she then called her husband with the good news, before carrying on with her weekend as normal. A birthday celebration also proved lucky for a Delaware man who was celebrating his daughter’s first birthday when he won $83,000 on a Multi-Win Lotto ticket. Claiming the prize the following Monday, the Maryland winner said that she plans to share some of the prize money with her children and granddaughter before saving the rest.With, the most beautiful jackpots have never been so close ... so, play and win online!