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Massive Surprise Ahead for family of $17m Australian Powerball jackpot
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Massive Surprise Ahead for family of $17m Australian Powerball jackpot

When a big win comes your way it’s likely that you won’t hesitate to tell your family and friends the fantastic news. The May 28 Australian Powerball draw saw its $17m jackpot won by a man from Logan in South East Queensland. He’s delighted of course but hasn’t told his family yet.His jackpot win came after matching the numbers 09-10-21-24-25-30-32 and the Powerball 19. When talking about a big win, one of the first points of call is how the family felt when being told the news. However, this winner declared: “I am not going to tell my family.” He can do just that because he has opted to remain anonymous so there are no photos of him in the newspapers or online.

The Biggest Surprise Ever

So, just what has he got planned? He just wants to tell them in his own special way. “I am just going to rock up to the house with some fancy purchase, maybe a new car, and see if they can guess we are now multi-millionaires.”The winner was half asleep when receiving a phone call telling him he was an Australian Powerball jackpot winner. He Initially thought someone was playing a prank on him but when realising it was true, he nearly passed out Now he says his Australian Powerball jackpot win “completely changes everything for me.” It’s the latest big win after a lucky player won an $80m Australian Powerball jackpot in March.

Last Minute decision to buy ticket

It was a win that nearly didn’t happen though. He so nearly didn’t buy a ticket, but then at the last minute thought to himself ‘why not?’ and as he says, “What a good decision.” His winning ticket was purchased from IGA Meadowbrook and the store owner is delighted at the news. "We wish our winner all the very best and hope he enjoys living life as a multi-millionaire.The Australian Powerball winner plans to do just that and has already retired from work. On his shopping list are a house, a new car and traveling. “I want to see the world! I have barely been anywhere,” he said. He also wants to share his winnings with his family and friends, when he gets around to telling them of course.Buy your tickets now at Lottery24, it's quick and easy!