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Melbourne construction worker downs tools after Oz Lotto win
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Melbourne construction worker downs tools after Oz Lotto win

A construction worker from Melbourne in Australia downed tools early after grabbing a $10 million Oz Lotto win.

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The lucky winner, from the area of Blackburn, Melbourne, was the only person to match the correct numbers in the Oz Lotto. The drawing took place on November 20 and he took home the huge $10 million jackpot. “Oh my god! I am in shock! Wow! I don’t know what to say,” the lucky winner said. “My heart is beating, and I am shaking” he exclaimed after he was notified of the win over the phone.

Family joker

The lucky winner, who is aged in his 20s, was on a smoke break, known as a ‘smoko’ in Australia, when he was told about his multi-million-dollar win. He told Oz Lotto officials that his family may struggle to believe him when he breaks the good news. “I’ll have to try and convince them,” he said, as he is known as the family joker.

Plans for the future

The Oz Lotto winner said that the first thing he planned to do after finding out about his big fortune was to leave work and go and celebrate. “I’m walking out of here, I won’t be going back to work after smoko,” he exclaimed.“I’m walking out right now. I think everyone will come with me for a celebratory drink!” A plasterer from Cork in Ireland also recently got lucky on a National Lottery scratch card and celebrated with his fellow tradesmen.Despite being in disbelief about his win, he already has big plans for his future. The lottery winnings are going to go towards turning the Melbourne man into a property mogul, and he hopes to invest in several houses. “I’ll be buying some houses for sure!” he proclaimed.

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