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Money can’t always buy happiness says UK £148 million EuroMillions winner
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One half of the couple that won £148 million on the EuroMillions lottery has revealed that money has not bought her happiness in the last four years.Gillian Bayford won the huge EuroMillions jackpot together with her husband Adrian back in June of 2012, but split up with her husband just 15 months later and now she has revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her parents or brother in almost a year. Despite giving £20 million to her family to help them out since her big win, the mum of two said that the money didn’t help them as a family as she expected it to.Her ex-husband has failed to be out of the papers since their lottery win, most recently when he was sued by a former employee, but Mrs Bayford has had different experiences. “It’s upsetting and raw,” she told the Sun newspaper. “The money was supposed to make everybody happy, but it’s made them demanding and greedy.” The EuroMillions winner said that upon winning the lottery with her ex-husband, the first thing they did was give her family money to pay off any debts that they had, amounting to around £700,000.Gillian’s parents now live in a luxury apartment in Carnoustie on Scotland’s east coast, the same town where their daughter grew up, and they drive an Audi S8. The EuroMillions winner also said that she used her lottery winnings to pay for her parents to fly around the world to Canada, South Africa and Florida first class, and flew them home last minute when her grandmother fell ill, but now things have turned almost as sour as when a Chinese lottery winner divorced his wife the day after his win.The EuroMillions winner also paid for her brother’s £288,000 house and cars and funded his travel on private planes, but was left heartbroken when he married his girlfriend without even telling his sister. “I can hold my head up because I know I’ve taken them out of a situation,” she said as she told the newspaper that she bailed her family out of numerous debts after they failed to successfully open businesses.After her split from her lottery winning husband, Mrs Bayford moved to Dundee, and she now says that it is her family who have let the lottery win change them, and not herself and her ex-husband. “They have lost touch with where they’ve come from,” she said. Now, the EuroMillions winner hasn’t spoken to her parents since her gran’s funeral last May following a falling out over a newspaper story.“They’ve disowned me because I embarrass them,” she said ruefully. “But they’ve been more than happy to take my money.”Luckily, most lottery winners find that the money changes their lives for the better, like when Canadian flood victims Bill Rader and Tonya Kropf won a brand new home on a local lottery after theirs have been devastated by storms.To be able to fulfil some of your dreams, try your hand at the lottery and play online with us at