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Mushy peas lead to £1m UK Lotto win
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William Richards from Swansea in Wales only went into a store to buy some mushy peas. Now he’s planning to expand his business and hopefully go to WrestleMania after winning £1m in the Saturday May 12 UK Lotto draw.The 32-year-old was on his way home on the day of the draw when his wife asked him to get some food, including mushy peas, for their Sunday roast. He went to the Asda in Cardiff Bay and while there he also bought some UK Lotto tickets because “I found myself somewhere I wouldn’t normally have been and took that as a sign.”He didn’t check the UK Lotto results until the following day when at work. Initially he thought he’d won a lucky dip for the next draw that could potentially win £1m. Englishman Nathan Moody thought he’d won a £20,000 UK Lotto prize but it was actually only a lucky dip.William then phoned Camelot and found out he was a lottery millionaire after matching the UK Lotto Millionaire Raffle Code. It’s the latest big win in Wales after a syndicate of catering workers won a £25m EuroMillions jackpot.He wanted to tell his wife, Sophie, 25, the news of their UK Lotto win face-to-face so waited seven hours till he got home. She sensed something was up though as her husband was “telling me with tears in his eyes, but I still couldn’t believe it.”The couple are self-employed and run their own business called Toys and Masks Last week we told you how self-employed carpenter Aaron Fawden from England won £1m playing EuroMillions. Mr Richards says their business has been growing steadily but this win and not having to worry about their mortgage will allow them to relax a bit more.They do plan on taking their three young children to Disney World in Florida next year just like Lesley White from West Yorkshire, England plans to thanks to her £1m EuroMillions windfall.Some lottery winners use their windfall to attend dream sporting events. English couple, Sarah and Marcus Savill wanted to go to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after their £63,000 UK Lotto win. William is a big pro wrestling fan and he wants to go to WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest show of the year that is due to be held in New York City next April, now that would be a knock-out win.Purchase your lottery tickets online at, to be in with a chance of becoming a winner!