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New home for £14.5m EuroMillions winner
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Big lottery wins really can change your life but it’s best to put family first. In February of this year, Bev Doran from Shipley in West Yorkshire, England, won a £14.5m EuroMillions jackpot but still does her shopping at the local Morrisons supermarket and her children are still being taught at the same school.Before her big EuroMillions jackpot win, Doran was living in a council house with her four children. Life was a struggle trying to cope on her £320-a-week benefits. After her EuroMillions win, the 37-year-old told how her top priority was a larger home for her children, aged 17,10, nine and five – two of whom have autism. Now they live in a five-bed £600,000 home not far from her old house. Another expensive purchase has been a £50,000 Range Rover.At the time of the win she said: “We live in a three-bed house and there are five of us. It’s been crammed for them. It will be good to have their own space and a nice garden in a nice area. I’ve spent many a night with depression wondering what would happen to my children, especially when they’re older. Now I don’t have that worry.” Talented Irish musician Ruth McGinley suffered from depression but a lottery grant helped her re-launch her career.The EuroMillions winner added that she is now debt free and the main thing is “my children are going to be fine.” The 37-year-old still pops into Morrisons for her shopping and decided not to move her children from their school so they could stay with their friends.Bev has also treated family members and that includes her mother Adhel who has now been able to quit her supermarket job. She did have a few public disputes with her ex-partner Sean Priestley after telling him he wouldn’t receive a penny of her EuroMillions jackpot win.Generous Bev, who gave up work as a receptionist two years ago to look after her children, has also treated family ­members. When she won her EuroMillions prize she rang mum Adhel and told her to quit her supermarket job.The winning numbers in the February 17 EuroMillions draw were 19-25-33-36-48 and the two Lucky Stars 02 and 09. In all, Doran won a total of £14, 509, 500.Next EuroMillions draw is on Friday with a £63m jackpot. It’s been announced that the June 30 draw will be a 100m euros EuroMillions Superdraw.Don't miss any opportunity to become next millionaire and purchase your tickets in line at