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‘New Jersey Gal’ shares $50,000 Powerball win with friend
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Two friends from different states in the USA, have a pact to share any wins. David White from Maryland and ‘New Jersey Gal’ are to share a $50,000 Powerball win from the draw held on May 5.The Powerball winners have been friends for over 20 years. They both buy Powerball tickets and then share the numbers via text message and then once the draw has been made, they split any wins they are lucky enough to get.In California, Gerald Lillard and Ali Muthana shared a $10m California Lottery jackpot. Eric Hale from Oregon, USA, won a $1m Powerball prize and kept a childhood pact to share a big win with his brother.Not everyone shares their winnings though. A player in Michigan, USA, won $500,000 on a Lucky Streak scratch card and gave all of his windfall to his brother. There are also some disputes over alleged pacts that aren’t honoured and there’s an ongoing dispute between Canadians Denise Robertson and her ex-partner Maurice Thibeault over a $6.1m Lotto 6/49 jackpot win.David, 67, works as a consultant to construction companies ad has four adult children and eight grandchildren. His job takes him all over the world but last week he was back home in Maryland and bought a ticket for the May 5 Powerball draw from the College Square Liquors store in Westminster and it proved to be a $50,000 winner.The Powerball ticket matched four of the main numbers and the Powerball as did another 15 lucky tickets. The numbers drawn were 14-29-36-57-61 and the Powerball 17.Mr White plans to use his share of their Powerball win to pay off his youngest child’s student loan. $1m Mega Millions winner Marcus Cobb from Virginia, USA, did the same and gave part of his winnings to pay for his children’s education.David is also a big fan of the Baltimore Ravens American Football team and is looking forward to going to some of their games with his friends. In England, Jason Jagodzinsk won £1m playing EuroMillions and said he’d use some of his winnings to watch his beloved Portsmouth FC from the posh seats.‘New Jersey Gal’ works in the restaurant business and intends using her Powerball winnings to make herself debt free.The pair will continue to buy Powerball tickets and will be hoping to win the $280m jackpot which is on offer on Tuesday, May 15, and of course if they do win, it’ll be shared.Don't miss any opportunity to become next big winner and purchase your tickets online at