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New Jersey man discovers big Mega Millions win days after drawing
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A man from New Jersey discovered a winning Mega Millions ticket in his wallet days after a drawing where the jackpot was worth $543 million.Bruce Shafer, from Marlton in New Jersey, heard on the news that the big Mega Millions jackpot was won by a ticket holder in San Jose, California, and so he didn’t bother to check his as he knew he’d not won the $543 million. A woman from North Carolina assumed the Powerball winner was somebody else despite hearing about a local winning ticket. He carried on with his life as usual for the next few days, before eventually getting his lottery tickets out of his wallet and checking a few of them to see if he’d won a few dollars.In actual fact, the Mega Millions ticket which Mr Schaffer had bought for the July drawing, while it hadn’t won him the massive jackpot, it had matched five numbers and it was worth $1 million. The lucky winner didn’t waste any more time after that, and he headed straight to the New Jersey Lottery headquarters in Lawrenceville to get his win confirmed and his ticket validated. Earlier this year a lucky Mega Millions player from new Jersey won a huge $521 million jackpot.Mr Schaffer told lottery officials that he only bought his ticket because he had seen that the Mega Millions jackpot was above $500 million, and he bought it from a Citgo store on Route 73, when he was on his way to the Jersey Shore for a sun-filled day. Now, with the Mega Millions winnings in his bank account, the lucky New Jersian said that he plans to put most of the money aside for his retirement, but he will be using some of it now to spoil his grandchildren. A People’s Postcode Lottery winner from England had only just retired when she won £30,000.Mr Schaffer’s winning ticket was one of eight second prize tickets worth $1 million sold Nationwide for the drawing on July 24th where an office syndicate of 11 workers from California won the Mega Millions jackpot worth $543 million and told lottery officials that they all planned to carry on working.Give yourself a chance by playing now at