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New Water Park Opened after Donation by Mega Millions Lottery winners
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New Water Park Opened after Donation by Mega Millions Lottery winners

It was back in 2011 that John and Linda Kutey became lottery millionaires. This week has been an emotional one for them as a spray pool at a water park in Green Island built in honour of their parents has been opened.

Nine years ago, the couple were part of a syndicate in New York that won a $319m Mega Millions jackpot. The lucky winners received a $28.7m share and they have put that windfall to good use.

The Mega Millions winning couple have made several donations and nine years after that big lottery win. They now live in Florida, USA and have recently made a $250,000 donation aimed at building a new water park in Maine Street Park, Green Island which is their hometown. It won’t just entertain plenty of people but also means a great deal to the couple all thanks to their Mega Millions win.

In Honour of their Parents

The park has been opened in honour of the lottery winners’ parents, Edmund Ostrowski and the late Gertrude Ostrowski and Joseph and Mercedes Kutey. It must have been so emotional for them when attending the dedication of the spray pool this week.

The Kuteys attended a village hall meeting and asked just what they could do to help the town. Years later this resulted in the opening of a spray pool. The wading pool was demolished and now there’s a new spray pool, all without the taxpayers having to pay a cent. That was also made possible due to the help of Albany Engineering Corp. and Grimm Building Materials who didn’t charge for their help with the project.

There were seven members of the $319m Mega Millions jackpot winning syndicate. They were information technology employees at the state’s Housing and Community Renewal division in Albany, New York. The winning ticket that changed their lives was purchased from a newsstand.

Big Shock when Winning Jackpot

The lottery syndicate comprised of four men and three women. As is often the case with a big lottery win, there was a great deal of surprise when discovering their amazing luck. One member thought his phone was broken because it just kept on ringing.

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