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No more overtime for Sydney resident following Lucky Lotteries jackpot win
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For a man from Sydney, Australia, there will be no more overtime from now on thanks to his $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot win.The lucky winner, from the suburb of Strathfield, declared that he won’t work any more extra shifts and might even be able to take his wife on holiday after he found out about his Lucky Lotteries win last week. The anonymous winner took the first prize in the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot drawing on October 17th, taking home $200,000. A Sunshine Coast Gold Lotto winner accidentally bought two winning tickets for the same draw, which allowed him to seriously consider quitting his job.“Oh god, are you sure this isn’t one of my mates stirring me?” the lucky lottery player said when officials called him to tell him of the good news. “I just can’t believe it!” The Lucky Lotteries winner was showing all of the emotions, saying “this is good, this is great! I am all shaky! I feel great, this is so exciting.”The winner explained that he was feeling lucky when he bought his ticket, and because he saw that the Lucky Lotteries jackpot was rising, he thought it was time he bought a ticket. “I thought it was my turn to win, I guess it really was!” he said. A man from Kansas was feeling so lucky after the birth of his daughter he bought a lottery ticket which won him $25,000.Just like a $50,000 scratch card win which came as a Maryland restaurant worker’s wife was pregnant with their fourth child, the win has come at a good time for the Australian, as he hopes to be able to do some renovations on his house, as well as pay off some bills and give some cash to his children. “I want to go to Europe for a holiday too with my wife,” the Lucky Lotteries winner said. “It really came at a perfect time, now this means no more overtime at work!” A Michigan woman said that she and her husband would be able to stop working overtime after their $500,000 Keno win, while despite his £1 million EuroMillions prize, a carpenter from England planned to keep on working.The winning ticket was purchased from Strathfield South News agency on The Boulevarde in Enfield, and the store owner said she was delighted to have sold a winning Lucky Lotteries ticket. “We hope to sell more winning tickets in the future”, she added.Next draw could be your special one, so purchase your tickets now at