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No more working for $26m Lotto Max jackpot winners
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The lives of Mike and Tricia Montminy from Tilbury in Ontario, Canada have changed forever after they won the $26m jackpot in the Lotto Max draw on Friday 17 February.The couple purchased their winning ticket from the Mr Video & Convenience store and won a total of $26,037,102.70. Their lucky numbers were: 05-09-14-24-33-37-46.The lucky Lotto Max couple have two teenage children and Mike couldn’t believe what was happening when he checked the winning ticket the day after the draw. He’d just woken up and was getting ready to go to work and decided to check his Lotto Max ticket “real quick” but then saw the winning numbers and stared at them for about two minutes before calling his wife. “We were pretty sure we won,” he said.He quickly headed to Mac’s Milk where he checked his ticket on a self-scanner and it told him “Winner, $26,037,102.40” came up on the screen. “I yelled at the clerk, 'Check my ticket, check my ticket,'” Mike said. “So, he checked my ticket and said 'Oh my God sir, you won, you won.It's the latest big lottery win in Ontario after Lindsey and George Theodule won $100,000 playing Lotto Max last September. Also celebrating was Krista-Marie Nelson after her $50,000 Instant Bingo Double Lottery win.The shocked Lotto Max winner immediately called his wife to confirm news of their big win and she drove to meet him at the store. The pair then started spreading the news about their Lotto Max win and had two very important calls to make as they both resigned from their jobs. Tricia had been working in the human resources field and her husband as a tyre technician at Cottingham Tyre.Carl Villeneuve from Quebec, Canada, quit his job after winning a $60m Lotto Max jackpot. Not so 72-year-old Roger Sherman from Pennsylvania, USA who carried on working despite a $1m Powerball win. In Scotland, John Doherty refused to retire after winning a £14.75m UK Lotto jackpot.On Saturday, the Lotto Max winning couple had a limo bus ride to a Windsor restaurant for meal with friends. They have no immediate plans on how to send their winnings and will hire financial experts. “It’s just unreal,” said Tricia. “We'll probably get away for a couple of days, shut things off and think about what we want to do,” Mike added.Did you update your wish list recently? Purchase your tickets online at for your chance of winning big on the lottery.