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North Carolina woman thought somebody else was winner of $1 million Powerball prize
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When a woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA heard that somebody locally had won $1 million on the Powerball lottery, she immediately thought that it must have been somebody else.In fact, however, Linda Thomas was the recipient of the $1 million prize, but it took her a while to find out. “I like playing draw games like Powerball,” Ms Thomas told Powerball officials as she collected her prize at North Carolina Lottery headquarters. “So, when I heard people talking about a $1 million win on Sunday, I thought, ‘Good for them.’ And honestly just didn’t think anything of it.” A Canadian Lotto 649 winner didn’t think about being the winner of a locally announced $13.6 million jackpot either.It wasn’t until the next day that Ms Thomas remembered that she hadn’t checked her own ticket for the Powerball drawing earlier this month. The Powerball winner, who works as a quality control supervisor at a medical supply company, said that when she did have a look at the ticket, she was stunned. Another Charlotte winner was Bruce Dunlap who won $150,000 on the Powerball the day before his birthday.“I always circle any numbers I match,” the Powerball player said. “So, I circled the first number, then the next number, and it just kept going.” Ms Thomas said that despite being able to see in front of her that she’d matched five numbers, she didn’t know how much that meant that she’d won.The five matched numbers equalled a prize of $1 million, and Ms Thomas said that she still can’t believe it. She’d going to use her Powerball winnings to buy a car, she told North Carolina Lottery officials: “I’m thinking either a Jeep or an Audi.” Audis are popular cars for lottery winners, including an English EuroMillions winner who also needed to learn to drive first, and a couple from Cardiff in Wales who planned to buy their home and an Audi after their UK Lotto win.The winning numbers came thanks to the same set of lucky numbers that Ms Thomas plays every week, just like another North Carolina Powerball winner who had been playing the same numbers for 32 years. Ms Thomas’ winning ticket for March 3 drawing was purchased from Earp’s convenience store in East Charlotte.You won’t be lucky if you don’t play! Seize the moment and play online now at