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North Carolina woman wins $200,000 Powerball prize just in time for Christmas
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A lottery player from Fletcher in North Carolina, USA, claimed a $200,000 Powerball prize just in time for the holiday season.Teresa King purchased her Powerball ticket in Asheville, North Carolina, four months before the festive season really kicked off, and didn’t check it until the week before Christmas. The lottery player explained that she and her husband usually check their tickets regularly, but since purchasing the ticket in August they have been so busy they forgot. A man from Connecticut who also won on the Powerball left his ticket on his desk for three months before realising he’d won.“My husband and I keep the tickets in a little dresser beside our bed,” Mrs King told Powerball lottery officials. “We have so much going on, we just forgot about them.” A syndicate from New York left their $1 million Mega Millions winning ticket unchecked for four months.Once the couple realised they had a four month old Powerball ticket beside their bed, they decided to get it checked, along with some others, and so Mrs King took the collection back to the store to see if they’d won anything. “The clerk told me, ‘I think you just won $200,000,’” the Powerball winner recalled. “I told her, ‘No I didn’t!’” Recently another North Carolinian won $2 million on the Powerball and planned for his dream house and car.Mrs King claimed her Powerball win from August 19th on the Thursday before Christmas, taking it home just in time for Christmas. The total prize was worth $139,002 after taxes were withdrawn, and despite the looming holiday period, the lucky player said that she wasn’t sure how the winnings would be spent yet. We’ve previously told you about lottery players who won big at Christmas time, and now we can add this Powerball winner to the list.The winnings ticket was purchased from Citistop store on Patton Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina, and Mrs King beat odds of one in 913,129 to win the $200,000 prize. “It’s a Christmas miracle,” said the Powerball winner. “It’s one of those treasures I found that I didn’t know I had.” A lottery scratch card winner from California proclaimed her $750,000 win a miracle in 2016.Play your favourite lottery online at, it's quick and easy.