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Nothing can stop EuroMillions lottery winners’ generosity
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Colin and Chris Weir have been busy putting their EuroMillions win of July 2011 to good use last year. They have continued to donate money from their lottery jackpot win of £161m to projects and causes close to their hearts. Earlier in the year the lottery winners were touched by the story of Isabel Wallis from Musselburgh in East Lothian, Scotland.

The 4 year old suffers from cerebral palsy and her parents have been busy raising funds to enable life-changing surgery in America. Through Facebook, Isabel’s fund page has received almost £15,000 from supporters, friends and family. Mr Wallis’ work colleagues have also raised over £1,000.

However, a donation from the EuroMillions lottery winners means that Isabel’s trip to the US for surgery is possible right now. It also frees up the raised funds to support her aftercare and physiotherapy following the surgery. Isabel’s mum told the Daily Record: “I have been at breaking point trying to look after Isabel but the generosity of everyone around us has always kept me going.

Receiving the donation from the Weirs was overwhelming – words cannot describe it. It means Isabel gets the operation she needs almost immediately, and the care she needs afterwards. It also means I can go back to being more of a mum.” The child father commented: “People have been so incredibly supportive and it means so much to us.

Now that Chris and Colin have stepped in to top up the fund, we couldn’t be happier.” It’s refreshing to see EuroMillions lottery prizes helping worthy causes. Lottery winner Chris Weir said: “Kate and Rory have worked so hard to raise the money needed for Isabel’s operation, so it was a pleasure to help. We hope that the operation will give Isabel the chance of an active life. We wish her well.” Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.

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