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Numbers used for Decades Win $409,991 Saturday Lotto Prize
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Numbers used for Decades Win $409,991 Saturday Lotto Prize

Can you instantly recognise your lottery numbers? A man from Cheltenham in Victoria, Australia certainly can. That’s how he instantly knew he’d won the jackpot in the Saturday Lotto draw held on 22 May.

His ticket was one of 15 division one winners and it won him $409,991.02. The numbers drawn in the 22 May Saturday Lotto draw were: 06-07-09-13-23-27 and the two Supplementary Numbers 01 and 33, so ideal for those using birthdays and anniversaries.

It’s no surprise that the winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, recognised his lottery numbers. That’s because he has been using them not just for years but decades.

The lucky winner didn’t see the Saturday Lotto draw live. It wasn’t until the following morning that he made his fantastic discovery. He looked for the results in his Sunday newspaper and instantly said to his wife, “hey, I think we have some of these numbers.”

Speaking about the numbers that gave him his Saturday Lotto win, he commented: “I have been playing them for years and years; they’re sort of ingrained in me.

Still not sure

He took another look at the Saturday Lotto winning numbers and realised his ticket had all the numbers. It’s so common that players need a lot of convincing that they have won a jackpot. He suggested to his wife that they go to The Lott head office to get confirmation. He said to his wife: “We don’t want to get too excited about this unless we know for sure.”

The nervous winner felt as if “someone was about to pull the rug out from under us and break our lottery dream!”  That wasn’t the case though and his Saturday Lotto ticket had won $409,991.02. It’s a bit of an understatement when he said winning is a “good feeling.”

Spending plans confirmed

A few celebratory drinks were consumed once their win was confirmed. Then the next day was spent “letting the news sink in.” Plans for their Saturday Lotto win include helping their children and saving the rest for their retirement.

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