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Online Celebrations for £1m winning Lottery Ladies
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Online Celebrations for £1m winning Lottery Ladies

A group of friends from Hertfordshire in England ended 2020 with a fantastic £1m lottery win. Their success came In the December 19 UK Lotto draw. However, the COVID-19 restrictions prevented ‘The Lottery Ladies’ from having a proper celebration.

Long wait is over

The 20-strong syndicate are aged between 40 and 75. They have been waiting a fair while for this lottery success  Every Saturday since the 1990s, they’d been playing the same twenty lines.

They had met at a local school and only had some small wins in the past. Not used to such success, Shelley was surprised to receive an online message requesting her to give Camelot a call.

She even had to use Google to check the telephone number given was actually Camelot. Finally, she decided to call them but “not for one second imagining we’d won £1m.”

Syndicate organiser Shelley Samuels was the first to discover their big win. She was quick to get on her phone and text to the other members: “Make sure you are sitting down – we’ve won £1,000,000.”

Zoom meeting arranged

Unable to meet in person, the syndicate members used Zoom to congratulate each other and send plenty of messages on their WhatsApp group. The win came just after the news that increased restrictions were needed to combat the ongoing health pandemic.

“Some told me they had literally just got off the phone to family members cancelling Christmas when they received my text,” said the syndicate leader. She added that not even winning a £1m lottery prize could “ease the heart-ache of not being with loved ones at Christmas.”

Their win came after a tough 2020. One of the Lottery Ladies summed up their feelings about their success. They said that it was “the lift we needed going into 2021 after such a harrowing year.”

A great way to end the year

“But one Lottery Lady summed it up best when she said the win was just the lift we needed going into 2021 after such a harrowing year.”

Some of the group already have good ideas on how to spend their lottery win. Helping family members, new cars, garden furniture and a new dining table are at the top of their list.

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