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Ontario lottery winner is “uplifted” by Lotto 649 experience
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A lottery winner from St Catherine’s in Ontario, close to Niagara Falls, who won over $85,000 on the Canadian Lotto 649, has told officials that winning has been an uplifting experience for her.Just yesterday we told you about another Ontario Lottery player who won money for life, and now Clare Suba, who won her $85,016 prize on the Canadian Lotto 649 on October 22nd, told officials that the whole experience has been surreal for her, and she wasn’t able to hide her shock. “Winning the lottery is truly an uplifting experience,” she said as she collected her prize from the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto this week. “It feels surreal although I know it’s real.”The Lotto 649 winner said that she discovered the day after the draw that she had won, and she spent the whole day asking herself “Is this real or am I going to wake up from a dream?” just like Joe Taylor from Michigan who thought his Fantasy 5 lottery win was a dream. Ms Suba purchased her ticket from the Avondale store on Carlton Street in St Catherine’s the day of the draw, and when she checked it the next day and saw she’d matched five balls she said she was so excited she needed her daughter to double check it.“That’s when we discovered I had the bonus number and that meant I won the second prize. It felt incredible!” she said. Another Ontario lottery winner actually checked their Lotto Max ticket when they were in Niagara Falls and couldn’t believe it when they returned home a millionaire.The pair then took themselves back to the Avondale store to have the Lotto 649 ticket triple checked, and to find out how much it was worth. “When I saw that it was more than $85,000 I was speechless. My hands were shaking and I had tears in my eyes. I was overwhelmed,” said Claire as she spoke to lottery officials in Toronto. The Lotto 649 winner plans to use her winnings to pay off some of her bills, as well as treat her son to his upcoming honeymoon. She also hopes to renovate her kitchen, and just like a recent Powerball $1 million winner, she’ll be buying herself something she’s always wanted – a dishwasher.Did your already made plans for your lottery win? Take the first step and purchase your tickets online at