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Ontario syndicate share $172,000 Lotto Max prize
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A syndicate of ten co-workers from the town of Burlington in Ontario, Canada, have shared a Lotto Max prize worth $172,314.20.The group of colleagues from south-western Ontario, won their big prize in the Lotto Max drawing on March 9th, only a few weeks after the group first began playing lottery games together. “We’ve been playing as a group for about two months,” the syndicate leader, Brandon St Amand, told Ontario Lottery and Gaming officials as the syndicate claimed their Lotto Max prize from the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. A syndicate of friends from Kitchener in Ontario shared a $500,000 Lotto Max prize after they had been playing for several years.“We started purchasing our tickets online about three weeks ago,” he explained, adding that they began using an OLG feature called “never miss a draw”, to ensure that they always had an entry for every game. The entrepreneur said that he received an email from OLG advising him that their Lotto Max entry had won a prize. At the end of last year, a syndicate of lottery players from Ajax, another southern Ontario town, shared $1 million on the Lotto 649, while a group of neighbours from Sudbury in Ontario scooped $10 million in a Lotto Max jackpot.“I logged in the next day and saw that we had won $172-plus thousand dollars,” said Mr St. Amand, adding that he began to shake and couldn’t quite get his head around his good fortune. The first person to find out was the 42-year old’s wife, who had a look at the computer screen and confirmed that her husband was seeing a big Lotto Max win. Another Burlington, Ontario lottery winner said that he thought he was seeing things when he won $1 million on the Lotto 649.“Then I started calling the group members one by one to share the good news – they were all excited and in disbelief like myself,” the syndicate leader told lottery officials. The winners, from towns all over south-western Ontario, all have different plans for their share of the winnings, from new cars, deposits for houses, and paying off other bills. A workplace syndicate from Nebraska in the USA shared a $1 million Mega Millions prize and all had different plans for their winnings.“It’s been amazing to see how much this win will help my group,” said Mr St. Amand of the Lotto Max win. “It has brought us all much closer together.”Try your hand at the lottery game and purchase your tickets now at