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Ontario woman wins huge Lotto Max prize as she jokes about buying a boat
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A lottery player from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has won a huge $261,854.80 prize on the Lotto Max, just as she was joking to her son about buying his dad a boat.Recently we told you about a man from Woodbridge, Ontario who won over $12 million on the Canadian Lotto 649, and now another big win has taken place nearby. “I gave the Lotto Max ticket to the retailer and jokingly said to my son, ‘Maybe we can buy dad a boat if I win,’ which is what we always say,” Cristina Panopoulos-Rowe explained, when she told lottery officials of the moment she got her ticket checked while running errands. “When the retailer said it was a big win, I didn’t believe her! My son was jumping up and down.” Recently a man from Kingston won $100,000 on a Wheel of Fortune Lotto draw, and couldn’t understand when he saw the words ‘Big Winner’ flash up on the lottery checker.The Lotto Max winner had no idea how much she’d won, and even when the retailer confirmed the amount, she was shaking too much to write it down or remember it. A recent Maryland Lottery scratch card winner was also running errands when she bought her winning ticket and subsequently won $10,000. Ms Panopoulos-Rowe explained that she then called her husband, who was incredulous until she took herself to his workplace and he admitted that he thought the Lotto Max win was real.The family left on a trip to Greece before they could claim the prize, so they took off on their vacation without telling anybody about their life-changing experience. “I still couldn’t tell anyone yet because I didn’t know if it was real,” the Lotto Max winner explained. Another Canadian Lotto 649 winning couple said that it took them a while to work out whether the prize was real.One she returned home from their trip, however, Ms Panopoulos-Rowe went to the Lottery headquarters in Toronto, when the lottery win finally sunk in. “I’m just starting to feel it now,” she said, adding: “it feels like someone just gave me a lift.”The Lotto Max winner plans to celebrate with a family dinner, but long-term her $261,854.80 winnings will be spent on her son’s education, just like a scratch card winner from Iowa. “I just wanted to wake up and not worry,” she said. “I feel like I’m waking up now.”In order to give yourself a chance to win, play now with!