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Over-priced orange juice leads to $315.3m Powerball jackpot win
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The wife of Tayeb Souami from Little Ferry in New Jersey wasn’t pleased when her husband purchased some orange juice for $5 as it was on sale for $2.50 elsewhere. She made him return it and while there, Tayeb purchased a ticket that won the $315.3m jackpot in the May 1 Powerball draw.The lucky winner actually purchased his Powerball ticket with the cash he’d been refunded from the orange juice by the ShopRite store in Hackensack. Welshman William Richards was asked by his wife to get some mushy peas and he then bought a £1m winning UK Lotto ticket.Mr Souami is an African immigrant and the day after the Powerball draw he went to a 7-Eleven to get his ticket scanned. Initially, he thought the machine was broken so handed his ticket to a store clerk who just couldn’t stop saying ‘Oh my God!’ when discovering its value. Such was the shock of his Powerball win, it took him two hours to fill out the lottery forms because his hands were shaking.He’s been playing lotteries for 21 years despite his son kept telling him not to waste his money on lottery tickets. “Father knew best,” joked the 56-year-old. The winning numbers in the May 1 Powerball draw were 03-06-09-17-56 and the Powerball 25. It’s the second big win for New Jersey this year after Richard Wahl won a $533m Mega Millions jackpot. Two years ago, Pearlie Mae Smith from New Jersey won a $429.6m Powerball jackpot.Souami said he’d taken him over a month to claim his Powerball win because of his job. He’s been working as an accountant at a food importing company and wanted them to be ok before he quit his job. In California, USA, Ronald Lopez retired after his $10m win on a $10 Million Dazzler scratch card game. However, Englishman Aaron Fawden continued working despite a £1m EuroMillions win.The Powerball jackpot winner has accepted his win as a one-off payment of $183m. He plans to pay off his college loans, pay for his daughter’s education and complete payments on his house. He’d actually just re-mortgaged his home the week before his win to pay for his daughter to go to college. The father of two joked, “I love orange juice now.” In Northern Ireland, Callum Fitzpatrick celebrated his £390,643 UK Lotto win with a glass of orange juice as he was only 16 at the time.Trust your luck and purchase your favourite lottery tickets online at