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Portsmouth mum is taking daughter to Disneyland after winning on a National Lottery scratch card
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A mother of one from Portsmouth, England, is going to take her little girl to Disneyland Paris thanks to a £100,000 National Lottery scratch card win.Tanya Smith won her top prize on a scratch card bought in her local Tesco on Crasswell Street, while she was out shopping with some friends. “We’d all popped into Tesco to do some shopping and decided to treat ourselves to some scratch cards,” the 30-year-old lottery winner explained.“My friend bought a £100,000 Red scratch card so I decided to do the same, and while she didn’t have a win I discovered the symbol for £100,000!” Ms Smith continued to say that she was stood still in shock, telling her friends that she thought she might’ve won big. “when my four friends all took a look, we were just screaming and jumping about with the excitement!” A Powerball lottery winner from Michigan said he couldn’t stop jumping for joy after he found out about his $1 million windfall.The National Lottery winner continued to say that as she didn’t have a handbag with her in the shop, she had nowhere to keep the ticket safe, other than her pocket, but her friends persuaded her that stuffing it inside her bra was the safest option of all. An Irish Lotto winner from Dublin recently kept her winning ticket safe in her sports bra. Now, the Portsmouth winner is planning to book a trip to Disneyland Paris for herself and her five-year-old daughter. A lottery player from Cork in Ireland was finally able to take his eldest child to Disneyland Paris thanks to a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win, after years of asking.“My first priority is to invest a large chunk of the money for the future, but there will be treats along the way and top of that list is my daughter’s dream trip to Disneyland Paris,” the Portsmouth scratch card winner said. Lots of lottery winners treat their children after a big win, and one great grandmother from Nottinghamshire in England even treated her dog after winning a £100,000 jackpot on a scratch card.Ms Smith explained that her daughter has always dreamed of being a Disney princess, but they have never had the funds before to think about making that a reality. A couple from Northern Ireland also planned a family trip to Disneyland with part of their £100,000 National Lottery scratch card win.“Now it seems dreams really can come true,” Ms Smith said, adding that she’d already told her daughter of the plans and just has to get them both passports.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so purchase your tickets online at