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Potential Canadian Lotto Max winner will not sue for share of $60 million
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A potential member of a lottery syndicate which took home $60 million on the Canadian Lotto Max game has decided not to go to court for their portion of the prize money.One person, who was left out of the group of co-workers from Come by Chance refinery in Newfoundland, Canada, which won $60 million on the Lotto Max last month, was considering legal action to gain their share of the prize money. When the 31-strong group was first announced, the Atlantic Lottery mentioned that they were keeping a 32nd share of the jackpot aside until the legal disagreement had been resolved.The potential group member would have received $1.875 million if they had decided to sue, and if that legal action had been successful. It is not clear why the additional member had not been included in the original tally, but presumably they did not contribute to the ticket purchase for reasons we may never know about. There have often been conflicts between syndicate winners, including an Australian Powerball syndicate leader who disappeared with the winning ticket after their numbers came up, and a member of a lottery syndicate in British Columbia, also in Canada, who allegedly hid a winning $52 million Lotto Max ticket from her co-workers.The colleague’s lawyer released a statement expressing their appreciation of the co-operation shown by both the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and the syndicate leader. In announcing that they wouldn’t be beginning legal proceedings, the potential winner wished all of their winning co-workers all of the very best in the future.The withheld portion of the winnings has now been split up and awarded to the other 31 syndicate members, meaning they’ll each get an extra $60,483 on top of the $1.875 million that they already received. A Newfoundland woman who won $700,000 on the Lotto Max received financial security thanks to her big win.The $60 million Lotto Max win was the largest ever won in Newfoundland, and the winners mostly all work for PTL services Ltd in Southern Harbour, a company which was subcontracted to the Come by Chance refinery. Many of them have now announced their retirement, just like another Newfoundland couple who won $30 million on the Lotto Max and planned to retire despite both being in their twenties.No matter what your plans for your lottery windfall are, take the first step and purchase your lottery tickets online now at