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Promise is Kept as Friends Share $22m Powerball Jackpot
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Promise is Kept as Friends Share $22m Powerball Jackpot

In 1992, Tom Cook from Winconsin, USA, made a pact with his friend Joe Feeney. They vowed that if either of them won the Powerball jackpot, the winnings would be shared. In the draw held on June 10. Tom won the top prize and he’s honoured the agreement they shook hand on 28 years ago.

The pair are long-term friends, and both live in the Menomonie area of Winconsin. They met in a restaurant and over the years have travelled to Niagara Falls and Yellowstone Park and have a meal together every week.

Mr Cook was out having breakfast with his wife when the amazing news of their win was discovered. He’d left the table and when returning told his wife ‘You read this.’ It was the results of the draw and his shocked wife immediately showed the numbers to a friend for confirmation. They read the numbers and told the couple, “It looks like you guys won the Powerball.”

Tom quickly called his friend to tell him the great news. Joe laughed: “He called me, and I said, ‘are you jerking my bobber?” That means ‘are you joking with me?’

Tom purchased his winning ticket from a shop in Menomonie. It successfully matched 10-33-41-52-54 and the Powerball 18 to win the $22m jackpot. The winners have opted to accept their jackpot winnings as a one-off cash payment of $16.7m. Once federal and state taxes have been paid, they’ll both receive around $5.7m.

Mr Feeney said that they buy tickets for the draw every week, but they never really thought they’d win the jackpot. Their previous biggest win was just $100. His friend confirmed that they will still be playing the Powerball draw.

No Better Way to Retire

Tom has decided his days as a maintenance worker are over now, he’s a millionaire. He commented: “I can’t think of a better way to retire.” Joe is already enjoying his retirement. He said: We both grew up with not a lot of money, so this is really something special," Feeney said.

They both plan on spending more time with their families. Their winning will also be spent on going travelling once the current health crisis allows.

It’s the second Powerball jackpot win in the state in the past 15 months. Last year a Winconsin man won the $768m top prize. The next draw is on Wednesday and the jackpot is $126m.

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