£100,000 Postcode Lottery Win Soothes Recent Bereavement

£100,000 Postcode Lottery Win Soothes Recent Bereavement

£100,000 Postcode Lottery Win Soothes Recent Bereavement

Just two weeks after her father died, Tracy from Heald Green received much better news. The Greater Manchester resident found out she’d won a £100,000 Postcode Lottery prize. Now she’s thanking her late father for her win.

Thanks dad

Just a day before finding out about her win, Tracy had cancelled her father’s Postcode Lottery ticket. When being told she’d won £100,000 the mother-of-three said: “That's me dad, that. He died two weeks ago. My dad's done this for me,” she added.

The shocked winner added: "It's bittersweet but my dad is shining down on me."  Bereaved Canadian Brian Hoover said his $70 million Lotto Max win was “bittersweet.”

Her father had been playing the Postcode Lottery for several years. While sorting out his finances, his daughter cancelled his ticket, not knowing it had produced a big win.

A holiday to Benidorm is now being planned. There are no plans to retire from work though. Tracy says some of their winnings will be put away “for a rainy day.” Another certain fact was that there’d be a celebratory meal and some prosecco later that day.

Family joy

It was a lucky draw for the family as Tracy’s son Joe also won £100,000. He was touring the Mediterranean when being told of his fantastic win. “I still can't believe it. I couldn't hold the phone straight - my hands were shaking all over the place,” said the surprise Postcode Lottery winner. Plans for his win include getting on the property ladder and going on holiday to Thailand.

On their bikes

Also celebrating a £100,000 Postcode Lottery win is Kevin. He’s planning a house extension and getting some treats for his children. He and his wife are keen cyclists too so will be buying some top-of-the-range road bikes. A cycling holiday is also a distinct possibility.

Mervyn ignored the phone calls he received from the Postcode Lottery. He finally contacted them and was shocked to discover he’d won £100,000. “To win £100,000 is just surreal. I can't get my head around it,” said the surprised winner.

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