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£120,000 Set For Life Winner Too Busy to Check Results
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£120,000 Set For Life Winner Too Busy to Check Results

Sometimes people are just too busy to check the lottery results. That’s what happened with Hitendrakumar Maugi from Wembley in London, England. He won £10,000 a month for a whole year in the March 8 Set For Life draw but it was weeks before he discovered his big win.

He’s known for taking time to check his lottery tickets. It was only when seeing an email from the National Lottery that he knew he’d had a win. Thinking it was only a small win, he admits that “I didn’t really pay attention.”

A reminder was set a few weeks later so finally he checked his Set For Life ticket. “As I logged into my National Lottery account and saw that I had matched 5 numbers on the Set For Life game I said to myself there must be a problem,” he said.

Big Wembley Win

He logged out and the back in again only to see the exact same message about his win. “I just couldn’t comprehend that millions of people play The National Lottery and yet I, Hitendrakumar Maugi from Wembley, had won!” said the delighted winner.

One more check was made before telling his wife and mother. He wanted to be 100% confident that he had won before telling  “the most important people in my life.” They were both “over the moon” and said the Set For Life win was a blessing for him.

Helping Others

The 45-year-old businessman is going to ensure that his Set For Life win helps as many people as possible. This will include making more donations to charities that he already supports. Also planned is to give some of his winnings to the temple he attends in Wembley. Last but definitely not least, he wants to treat his family.

The Set For Life winner says he believes in “living a good life, helping my family, my community and those who are less fortunate.” To do that in the past he’s had to work hour after hour running his business. Now he can do that even more.

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