Syndicate Wins £333,333 Postcode Lottery Prize

Syndicate Wins £333,333 Postcode Lottery Prize

Syndicate Wins £333,333 Postcode Lottery Prize

A syndicate of four friends and neighbours from Overton, near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England is celebrating a £333,333 Postcode Lottery win.

In 2018, Karen and her civil partner Julie were enjoying a drink in their local pub with neighbours Julie and Ann. They decided to each put £3 a month towards Postcode Lottery tickets and now it’s proved to be a great decision.

Never imagined

It’s been a massive shock for Karen who says: “I never, ever imagined anything like this.”  The retired prison officer added: “I might have to start singing. It is just amazing.”

Each of the lucky players will receive £83,333. Karen will now be heading down under to Australia next year with her partner to visit Julie’s niece. That’s just like  a recent Postcode Lottery winner from Peterborough.
They also plan on helping family members financially. For themselves, Karen wants a new utility room.

Tears flow

Ann and Julie live in adjoining semi bungalows and both are delighted with their Postcode Lottery windfall. Ann broke down in tears when speaking about how she’ll treat her son and two grandsons, one of whom is about to start studying at university.

Initially, she believed their win might only be £30,000 between the four syndicate members. “Even £250 would have been nice,” said the surprised winner.

Julie has already been busy working out how to spend her share of their Postcode Lottery win. A new kitchen and sofa are at the top of her list and also a gold walking stick. Helping her four children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren is also on her spending list.

They have had Postcode Lottery wins in the past but only the occasional £10. Those wins were saved up and earlier this year they had a day out at Pontefract races. Now they have much larger trips planned.

All four are part of a group of friends called ‘The Staying Alive Gang.’ Next year will see them head to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest for a holiday. With this win, that may well be upgraded now. Karen says she’s looking forward to going on the zipwire, her friends aren’t so keen.

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