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£27m EuroMillions Winner to sell Herdman’s Mill
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£27m EuroMillions Winner to sell Herdman’s Mill

It was eight years ago when Margaret Loughrey from Strabane in Northern Irelandwon a £27 million EuroMillions jackpot. Known as ‘Maggie Millions’ she’s now set to sell one of her most famous purchases.

A year after her EuroMillions win, she purchased the listed building Herdman’s Mill but all has not gone well with the building. There have been fires and vandalism in the years that have followed.

Now it’s hoped a deal with Donegal soft drinks company Mulrines can be completed. It’s believed that Mulrines have been interested in purchasing the building for over a year.

Herdman’s Mill has a long history dating back to 1835. It was known for spinning linen until the Herdman family ended production 17 years ago.

Not a Dream Purchase

Ms Loughrey, now aged 56, purchased the mill for in July 2014. It’s believed the purchase cost her £1 million. Her dream was to turn it into a building that would attract tourists, but it didn’t work out that way.

There had already been some fires at the property and more followed after she bought it.There were also problems with some local sporting groups who used the grounds of the mill.

This included a massive argument with the Sion Mills Cricket Club. They found themselves being locked out by the EuroMillions winner, but the club are now playing there again.

Five years ago, a deteriorating part of the complex was ordered to be given to the Sion Mills Buildings Preservation Trust.

Health Problems

There have been allegations of people stealing money from her. All of this has affected her health and at one time her weight went down to five and a half stones.

Lottery wins can bring you plenty of happiness, but Ms Loughrey doesn’t feel that way. In 2019 she said that “Money has brought me nothing but grief.”

Her winning EuroMillions ticket was purchased on her way home from a job centre. At the time of her win, she was living on benefitsof €73 a week. This story shows the importance of getting help when a big win comes along and that investments don’t always work out.

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