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£30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery Win Ends Rotten 18 Months
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£30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery Win Ends Rotten 18 Months

There have been celebrations galore on Woodall Crescent in Stockport, England. Six winners scooped £240,000 in the June 26 People’s Postcode Lottery draw. Five won £30,000 each and one was lucky enough to win £90,000.

One of the £30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery winners was 60-year-old Elle Holberry. Just how much she’d won was revealed in a video call. “I’m over the moon. I can’t tell you. I’m just elated with what I’ve seen,” said the shocked but delighted winner.

The People’s Postcode Lottery said that she and her family have had “a rotten 18 months” and her win “means a hell of a lot.” Elle spent time in hospital with Covid and she also lost her mother. “We can just start to live again a bit,” she added.

Holidays with her husband Steve to Cuba and Thailand are top of her spending list with Cuba and Thailand. Steve also fancies buying a new car. He joked, “I doubt she'll buy me a new van for work anyway!” He did get one treat though as the couple went out for a “nice meal” to celebrate their win.

Elle is also pleased for the others who won People’s Postcode Lottery draw. “I think it's great. My neighbour is going to be dead happy and absolutely make the most of what they've won. Amazing, it's great because we're all happy then. Happy days!It'll cheer everyone up. It just will!"

The People’s Postcode Lottery helps raise millions for good causes. That’s something else that has put a smile on Elle’s face. “ was also thrilled to hear about the causes supported by player funding, adding, "It's absolutely great that everyone has contributed to charities along the way. It's not only us winning the lottery, it's helping so many charities."

People’s Postcode Ambassador Danyl Johnson is delighted for the winners. He said the news was a “fantastic start to the weekend” and wished them “massive congratulations.” He loved chatting to Elle and telling her of her People’s Postcode Lottery win. “I hope she can book in that holiday soon!"

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